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Single source database

ACRis single source data which covers both media usage (target contact) and consumption  behavior of members of the general public with the intention of providing with a clearer picture of   consumer/audience and of effective media strategy. ACRwill help you to understand " General public's profile, Media contact status, Purchase  behavior & Lifestyle recognition" and clarifies "Potential clients, Competitors in the market & the  Optimum media to run the ads to reach the target“ 

Questions Thai ACR can answer:
      Who are the users of my product & competitive landscape?
      Thai ACR can draw a clear and comprehensive picture of your target user by providing data based on product usage, lifestyle, psychotropic and attitudes.

      What media should I use?
      Thai ACR can help you select the most effective media plan, and even evaluate media plans prior to their execution.
      The benefit you get from Thai ACR:
      Brand Share and Brand users’ profile and media contact as single source.

      Survey overview

Target : Male & Female, 12- 59 years old
Area : Nationwide represented
Sample size : 4,500 samples (effective samples)
Sampling : Stratified Random Sampling
Method : Face to face and self completion method (TV rating part is a week diary method)
Software : ACR for windows
Others : Being able to estimatr the number of you target consumer  

Benefit of ACR
You will find  the consumer activities and environment

  • Find consumers lifestyle recognition.
  • Find consumers activities.
  • Find potential target segmentation.
  • Find competitors and competitive brands.

You will find the profile of target.

  • Obtain the clear picture of merchandise target (Demographic, Psychographic Characteristic, Lifestyle, Purchase recognition, Consumer activities)

You will find the optimum advertising media

  • Find the media usage status of certain
  • Find R&F, R&F(Max), Leadership etc.

 merchandise’s user

  • Find the contact status of vehicle


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