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Consumers ’ daily life pattern × Media contact

Data available 2002-2009 


       Thai MCR is an answer to the needs of our clients for a view of consumer lifestyle attitudes, behavior and values from the perspective of media contact. Though this study naturally covers the television, radio and printed media, it also examines the Internet, satellite and cable broadcast and provides insights on how people interact with them. While one of the main applications of Thai ACR is the examination of product and service consumption trends from the perspective of media  contact, Thai MCR lets you see how people interact with media in their daily lives both inside and outside the home.

       The lifestyle portion of the research includes ownership / access / usage / role of various media and daily lifestyle habit data such as time of  meals, departure and return from work, etc.


 Questions Thai MCR can answer:
      When, where and how the audiences spend time?
      When, where and how much I should place ads?

 The benefit you get from Thai MCR:
      Provide daily life pattern beyond typical mass media and media contact point.


 Survey overview

Target : Male & Female, 12- 59 years old
Area : Bangkok, Upcountry
Sample size : 1,800 samples (effective samples)
Sampling : Stratified Random sampling
Method : Face to face and self completion method, Diary method
Software : MCR for Windows
Others : Being able to estimate the number of you target consumer

Discover other media contact opportunities

       - Identify consumers daily life pattern and media contact point and pattern

1. Find activity style of target

Grasp the difference of daily activities due to demographic

Verify each basic activity : Out Home / At Home / Sleep by time

< Base on actual doers >
[ Average of activity ratio in every 60 minutes ]



2. Find effective media plan for target

Grasp media contact circumstance of target to see its particularity

       - Actual circumstance of their usage
       - Contact to each medium : width and depth
       - Contact circumstance of each medium and more…


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