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Skills to vitalize the ‘direct voice’ from consumers into Marketing.

We can provide best service that integrated our experience in Thai market with plenty of VRIT 's knowhow and knowledge related to research objective such as. ( Campaign/Ad. evaluation, Brand image, Customer satisfaction, Attitude test, Product test, Media contact habit, Market feasibility, Industry situation etc.)

Key project previous conducted.

House hold product Industry
    - Brand awareness/Brand image survey
    - Usage and attitude study
    - Package and price concept test
    - TVCF concept test
    - Pre/Post Ad. Evaluation
    - Observational Research

Telecommunication Industry
    - Usage and attitude study
    - Mobile phone user/shop survey

Pharmaceutical Industry
    - Usage and attitude study
    - Brand Image survey

Retail finance Industry
    - Advertising effectiveness tracking

Media Industry
    - TV program satisfaction
    - Printing In-depth interview
    - Market feasibility
    - Media habit survey

Advertising Agency
    - Advertising campaign effectiveness
    - TVCF pre/post evaluation study

    - Content copyrights in Asia
    - Tourist environment in Asia


We have our original market data, we know Thai people.

Thai ACR, Compose Thailand, TVCP

Original data will support your understanding of Thai market.
We can support your analysis with our original data Thai ACR and Thai MCR. From these data and many experience, we know Thai people and market, so we do not just conduct your custom research but also add our local market insight, toward your research objectives.

Media & Advertising research know how, experience, knowledge.
We provide best service that integrated our experience in Thai market with plenty of Video Research ‘s know-how and knowledge.

I. Syndicated data service

1.Single source database (Original Data) [ TOP ]

Thai ACR

Consumers’ behavior × Lifestyle × Media contact
    - Cover both consumption/purchase behavior and media contact
    - Clear the profile of each brands’ consumer and Competitors
    - Identify consumers’ media contact.(Incl. Media vehicle)

Thai MCR

Consumers ’ daily life pattern × Media contact
    - Discover other media contact opportunities
Identify consumers daily life pattern and media contact point and pattern

2.Media Planning Data (Original Data) [ TOP ]

Compose Thailand

Advertising objectives × Brands × Media contact × Budget
    - Optimize advertising planning by brand and communication objective.
    - Which media is most suitable for marketing communication objective.
    - How to optimize and advertising budget

3.TV commercial performance check.(Original Data) [ TOP ]

TVC Performance Index

Awareness × Interest × Desire ×Purchase intention
Measure the TVC effectiveness (Study change in audience’s attitude process after TVC placement which includes reach, awareness, content comprehension and purchase intention.)

We have research network throughout Asia.

One stop service to Asia pacific.
We have research network in Asia. It helps you to conduct Asia regional research project via one window.
Our partnership network companies provide you the best knowledge of local culture and market. You need not contact with each research companies yourself.

International study
    - Usage & attitude study (Vietnam)
    - Advertising post-evaluation study
      (Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia)
    - Campaign tracking study (Cambodia)
    - Japanese culture study (USA, Singapore, India)
    - Japanese contents in Asia study
      (Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia)
    - Package evaluation study (China, Indonesia)
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